NEW Neighbor treats!

Today, the long awaited return of Stupid Neighbor Stunts… From Facebook, the person who brought you such great stories as “Let’s pour boiling water on the iced windshield and shatter it 3 times in one winter” and the ever popular story “The jack doesn’t fit, so let’s just put it on the loose bumper” And who can forget the installment “No, you’re female, you’re wrong, the jumper cables go black to red” and “Let’s get so mad we throw the lug wrench into the car window” I now bring to you “Does it fit?”

In today’s story, we have a small hatch back and my new stupid neighbor number 2… Yes friends, we have a new subject. I was afraid I would not be able to continue on our series when subject 1 moved. But recently I have been proven so…… very……..wrong.

My newest neighbor of 3-4 days seems to believe that a small hatchback is a good vehicle to move large furniture in… Sunday, I watched in awe as a 7 foot couch, covered in news paper pulled into the space across from mine. To my non-local friends, we had torrential rain on Sunday.. high winds…. generally an icky day. This couch was sticking outside of a small Honda hatchback, kitty-corner, 4 feet sticking out the back of the car… It was tied to the hatchback door and covered in newspaper to keep it from getting wet…. (must be special news paper). He parks his car in the deepest puddle out front of my house… Those of you who know me, know that my street floods if it drizzles… so the ankle deep water is nothing new. But laying the couch in the water to get it out of the hatchback IS a new thing to me… especially when they have a truck nearby loaded with only boxes… and the car is being used for furniture.. If you don’t see the hmmmmm moment there, you may want to re-read.. LOL

I watched all day as several trips were made with this small car and one trip made with boxes in the truck… (u-haul)

Moving continued yesterday, with things such as a recliner, table tied to the roof, and various other pieces stuffed in this little car while the truck makes 2 more trips with just BOXES…

Again, If you don’t see the hmmmmm moment there, you may want to re-read.. LOL

Today, there is no truck, only the car making more trips with furniture… and what I am assuming was the last item was brought about an hour ago…. It was a bureau… It almost fit…… almost…. The new neighbor pulls in, and the female and he begin to argue about something as he is untying the rope that is holding the trunk down… Their arguing gets louder as he continues to untie the ropes…. He turns to her, yells FINE and then slams the hood of the trunk down…… onto the corner of the bureau…. and shatters his back window….

They both stood there in silence…

WHAT is it about people and windows on this street??


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