Not so funny neighbor story 122: He’s drunk or high, from one of the various apartments. Standing outside my doorway, on the walk, yelling at someone on his laptop.. (Mind you it’s 10:15 A.M.) He must be piggy backing on someones open network because he keeps moving a few steps here and there, lifting the laptop trying to get a better signal, all the time yelling at someone who I can only hear muffled coming from the laptop. He then yells FU at the LT and throws it to the ground. And then proceeds to kick it, pick it up and toss it, does a few drop kicks, etc. Then stands and stares at the broken pieces… After a few moments, takes a picture of the pile, and sends it to whomever it was he was arguing with. THEN calls them, puts them on speaker, and says see what you made me do? Yeah, I need to get it fixed now, and you are going to pay for it you MF……… Where should I take it…..


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