Sorry kids…

Why my children won’t be seen in public with me reason 201: Stop and Shop today I was buying cat food. Two cats for a month is a sizable pile. Plus they eat dry and wet. I put 50 some odd cans and a 20lbs bag on the belt. The cashier begins to ring me out and asks… “Do you have a cat?” Those of you who know me know I could NOT just let this “Here is your sign” moment pass. SO, I replied, “No, it’s for my mother who is on a fixed income.” I look at the guy behind me and roll my eyes. Now, I know that comment can be taken two ways, and decided to play it out how ever it was taken. The cashier’s face went white and she asks “She eats cat food?” The snort from the guy behind me was all I needed to continue. Me: “Yes, she does, and she loves this brand the most. Says the gravy is to die for.” Cashier: “Oh my, you do know there are food banks in the city?” Me: “Oh yes, but the nutritional value of dry and canned food can’t be beat.” Man behind me, laughing so hard he’s coughing and beet red. The cashier looks me in the eye and says : “You’re joking?” Me: “Oh no, hunger in this country is rampant, I would never joke about something like that.” I pay the cashier and as I start to leave, she says to the man behind me, “Oh, She should be feeding her mother instead of letting her eat cat food!” The man now doubles over laughing and I take a step back and say: “Oh, we only like Alpo at my house, and mom can’t stand it because it gets stuck in her dentures.”

How I managed to keep a straight face I will NEVER know…


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