Overheard conversation….

Getting blood work done at my local hospital the other day I overheard a conversation between a man and his daughter… (she must have been 4 or so) She comes in and is chattering a mile a minute….. I really try to ignore her until what she is talking about penetrates my mind….

kid: But daddy… really…Mommy shaves her hoo-hoo!

dad: Okay, honey. Look, do you want your book?

kid: I came in the bathroom this morning and asked Mommy what she was doing and she said shaving her hoo-hoo. Mommy shaves her hoo-hoo!

dad: Honey, remember when we discussed at-home conversations and outside conversations?

kid: Yes.

dad: Well, this is an at-home conversation.

kid: Okay, daddy. [Sings to herself quietly] Mommmyyy shaves her hoo-hoooo…

That’s when I got called in for blood work… Darn it…


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