Dating websites: it takes all kinds…

Yesterday, I got an email from someone on Plenty of Fish… Yes, I know, they are all looking for a good time on that site. But, I know of people who have gotten married to someone they met there. Besides, the jerks give me plenty of Dating Story Fodder.

Yesterday, I got an email from a guy. Not your average single word, not a dick pic, it was even grammatically correct, without the “U” or “R” or wrong use of to, too, two.. (we ALL have SOME standards we have to adhere to) ((one of mine is they MUST have teeth))

One part of his letter of “Introduction” had the sentences: I see we are both in education. I work at the local high school in my town, and have for 10 years. His profile says he has his Masters degree…and confirms he works in education.

OK… Education with good spelling CHECK
PHOTO.. has decent cared for teeth CHECK
I need to UP my standards a bit looking at that list? CHECK

I typed back a pleasant enough response. asking what he did at the high school, was he in administration, teacher, principal? I also told him about my job at the local Community College typing the Closed Captioning for the online courses. Just small talk, get to know me stuff.

He replied a few hours later. His response? I’m the head janitor. Been head for 3 years.

OK… so…. I get he works in a school… but how does cleaning that school make him work in education? I have cleaned garages as a side job, does that make me a mechanic? I clean bathrooms weekly for some clients, does that make me a plumber? I used to help my EX clean a church, does that make me a priest or a nun? (they probably get more sex than I do, so I may reconsider that one)

I haven’t answered him yet. I don’t know what to say to be honest. Is he ashamed of his living so he puts on airs that he’s in education? Or does he seriously believe that janitorial services in a specific building makes you part of that profession? (I am NOT going to have a janitor give me an exam at my next doctors visit) ((Open heart done by a janitor…. the examples are endless)) It’s not the JOB, it’s how he has presented himself.

Not to mention I spit out my coffee with that response.

Another waste of a good mouthful of coffee…..


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