Craig’s List M4W…..

Yeah, desperate times call for desperate measures and Craig’s List is a special kind of desperate.  From selling motorcycle parts, cars, and used bedding down to looking for a certain someone to have deep meaningless one night stands with… and if you click on the “used furniture” links, you can buy one of the other night stands too… ($3.00 more you can get a matching lamp with crappy shade still covered in cigarette smoke soaked plastic.)

We hear horror stories of Craig’s List killers, rapes, robberies etc… But do you ever go and READ some of these posts?  I do, I always go and read the “Missed Connections” posts…. and the “Rants and Raves” Obama is the spawn of satin (shiny smooth material? Really dude?)  If you want to read the bowels of society posts, that’s the place to go.  Just don’t do it when you are in a bad mood, trust me on that.  The special kind of stupid on the “Rants and Raves” are really painful, and I always hope that some of these people don’t reproduce.

Sadly, they are the ones who get all the dates.

Male: 38 Smoke and Suck (females only)

Male: 24 BBW with Tight Vag wanted.

Male: 48 Married for Married.

Male: 33 Looking to Impregnate a Latina


I kid you not…

And the lingo… it’s like learning a whole new lanaguage!  BBW, M4W, M4M, BDSM, T4W, LTR, FWB, BB, ASL, MBA…  It’s enough to make someone’s head spin…

I stepped into the dating world knowing it wasn’t going to be easy.  Back in my teens dating was something fun and exciting and the only stalking people could do was riding a bike in front of their house or calling their house phones and hanging up. Now, we have the wide web at our finger tips.  Connected via email/chat/facebook/snapchat/twitter and a zillion other giga-byte sucking apps.  For 9.99 you can find out all about someones past/present/future and shoe size (If you go onto Plenty of Fish you can find out their dick size quicker and for free).  How are we to discover who someone is when it’s all available in digital format just waiting for our greedy fingers to tap and slide our way to it?

SO, I met this new guy on Craig’s List… yeah, I’m that certain kind of desperate lately…  10 emails so far, I have a first name, and no dick photos. (A FIRST!)   I have gotten a couple of chuckles, (My favorite being a about dating being a combination of Jerry Springer and a Nancy Drew Mystery) Nothing overtly sexual (ok, flirtingly but NOT here’s my number make me cum … another first!) he’s local (20 miles) and my age.  Next test is to send a photo……. OH which one to send?  (Wish Glamour Shots was still around!)

What made me contact him… yes, I was the first to make the move in this one, was the fact that he commented about surviving the “Singles awareness day” and was up doing laundry and making a grocery list on the Monday morning.. the EXACT same thing I was doing at the time while browsing Craig’s list for one night stand…….  with a crappy lamp included…





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