Missed Connections

Craig’s list has a dozen or so “relationship” pages  (“relationship” I use that word loosely) I wander the pages almost daily, first because they are funny… but second, because, well, the “Missed Connections” page is interesting.  I can’t help but read each and every one of the posts in hopes someone has noticed ME and was too dumbstruck by my beauty and smile to say hi at the time.  Now is kicking himself because, well, he missed his chance.

HEY.. I can DREAM right?  That kind of stuff only happens in chick flicks… (something I may be fond of, but I’ll deny it if it comes up in conversation… shhhhh)

A week ago I stumbled upon an ad posted in the wrong spot.  Decided what the hell and answered the ad. He seems decent enough, but now I find I’m jaded towards what men are like… and can’t help but think his being polite or gentlemanly is actually an act and he’s an ax murder looking to lure me into a restaurant where he will come in and kill everyone around us.. (Ok, so chick flicks aren’t my ONLY guilty pleasure in movies….)

What IS normal today?  Can someone tell me?  Because I don’t KNOW.  Is it normal to send photos of a penis before you send one of your face?  (Although, I will say most of the guys who send penis pics ARE dickheads…)  Can men be scared too? Is that even possible? Ok, I know it’s possible… but is it probable?  They DO seem to hold all the cards in this dating game stuff.  I sent quick emails to men on dating sites and they don’t answer back… but yet, I get emails I feel obligated to say NO THANK YOU to those I’m not interested in.  I can’t be rude, even to those who I feel are creeps.

I often wonder if computer viruses are actually sexually-transmitted diseases passed through dating sites…


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