Why do I bother?

As I’ve stated before, this is not a clean blog… It contains adult situation, language and is not recommended for young audiences… It is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This blog may contain one or more of the following: crude indecent language and sexual situations.

Having said that, I wonder what men are thinking sometimes. I mean seriously, from getting emails from them asking for panties to photos of my feet and asking if I would be willing to let them paint my toes, photos of shoes they want me to wear for them, and asking me if I would allow them to “landscape” my”bushes”this whole online dating thing turns from being fun and interesting to being scary and creepy.

I try not to be rude to people, but seriously, this is getting VERY tiring.

I’ve decided to join E-harmony, and am a paying member. I deleted all the other sites, the free stuff, the “I’m married looking for someone to make me feel excitement again” sites… and the “Let’s hook up, do you have issues with someone who is 23?” and “Are you 420 friendly?” and “I’m not looking for a relationship, just a fuck buddy”.

So I joined the 1000 question website, paid my not so little month of billing, and started answering the questions. With this number of questions and the depth of them I’m amazed how anyone can actually have anything to talk about after!  Asking me my favorite color, presidential preference, car I drive, kids I have, favorite music, and movies and how many fingers and toes I have, my first date (IF I ever get one) from this site will be the most boring thing on the face of this earth.  Talking to someone is a chore, and you scramble to find a single subject that isn’t touched on by the book of questions.Then HE sent me a message.  Talked for a few hours, and then the neediness showed it’s ugly head. DUDE, you’re 55, understand I have a life and I’m NOT pinned to my computer for 24/7/365… I DO need to walk away and, I don’t know maybe SLEEP… I woke this morning to a book length email berating me for signing off (even though I DID say good night and he replied in kind) I was called names I didn’t know existed, and then he started cutting me down for my looks, likes, dislikes, etc..

Where do these men come from? But I AM starting to understand that this fishing pond of online dating is for the men who are NOT capable of getting a date in real-time. But what does that say about me in the process?  I’m in that pond fishing too… Does that make me incapable of finding a real date in person? When you look for information on dating site profiles, most of them tell you that it’s YOU attracting these men… that it’s MY fault… that I have done something, said something, posted something to lure them to my profile…


I keep hoping that some meeting I go to, some store, etc, somewhere he’s looking for ME too…  And he’s going to find me…

But, is it a bad thing that I am actually considering selling my panties to that last guy who offered me $30 a pair?





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