Not too funny.. but.. well… hopeful??

A few have asked about the breakfast date today… It was pretty good… surprisingly…. There is a bit of a back story to this guy…. For those who might remember the ” Thanks for reminding me of what is out there.” guy…… here is a post to our “first” date……/ghosting-is-…/ He’s the guy who hooked up with his ex immediately after our first date (as in less than an HOUR of it….)

I did what any hot headed woman would do at that point… I marked him as spam and didn’t bother again…

It wasn’t until about a month ago that I found out something interesting… he had been texting me… the first one a few minutes after I had blocked him. Apologizing for how it sounded when he said “reminding him what’s out there.” that he meant it in a GOOD way…. that I was a great person… pretty.. etc… but hell, I never got those texts…

OR the DOZENS of others he continued to send me over the next 9 months, almost weekly… pictures of places he went… Xmas trees, snow, a rainbow….. apparently he left our “2nd” date and went home and broke it off with her permanently.. and didn’t date anyone.. at all… just kind of pined for ME…

(a first.. WHO pines for ME?? seriously… ME??? )

I only found the texts because my spam folder was taking up too much room on my cell…. 9 months of “I wish you would talk to me again.. I’m sorry I hurt you….”

So, I gave him another chance.. He made me chicken soup a while back when I was sick… asks DAILY about my son… not pushy.. isn’t handsy… makes me laugh… sooo… I guess I’m kind of dating someone??? 5 dates??? Is that dating????

Told me today he forgets how pretty I am…..



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